Easily applied with a single step.
Fully dry after about 4 hours.
Conservation: in a dry, cool place, away from the frost and humidity.
Step 1 - To start, apply Primus Sabbia
Step 2 - If necessary, prepare the shade with Minimal
Step 3 - Mix the product until it's homogeneous
Step 4 - Freely distribute the product
Step 5 - After several minutes, caress the product with a dry brush if you want to uniform the drawing
Step 6 - Let the product dry. A second coat would make the effect more opaque and homogeneous
Packagesmq/ltLT. 5LT. 2,5LT. 1
Minimal Art. 20305,528 mq14 mq5,5 mq
Packages LT. 5LT. 2,5LT. 1
Minimal Art. 2030K2250 ml125 ml50 ml
K362 ml31 ml12,5 ml
K420 ml10 ml4 ml
K57 ml3,5 ml1,4 ml
Does not contains solvents - Not inflamable - Washable

Regulatory information
EU VOC limit for this product (cat.A/I): 200 g/l (2010)
Maximum VOC content < 8 g/l

Hazard Identification